Ancient Indians used to worship and were well aware of extraordinary powers of water. In Vedas it is said that:


Water is life of all living beings. The universe is mostly comprised of it. The lie of a diseased or healthy person does not proceed without water.

"Mahabharata" calls water as a blind force and implores the wise to use it with discernment.

Ayurveda says- Aushadham Janhvi Toyam

Water is a medicine; it even says that water too is to be digested like food.

Remedial Properties Of Water

  • Sedative- relives pain, nerve irritation, anxiety and induces sleep
  • Stimulant- cold water exposure for short duration act as stimulant
  • Diuretics- enhances the urinary output
  • Tonic- cold water invigorates, improves circulation and increase appetite
  • Relaxing/depressant- balance the heart beat
  • Spoliative- sweating baths helps in weight loss
  • Eliminative – helps to throw out toxins from the body
  • Antiseptic – hot water when used therapeutically has antiseptic property
  • Homeostatic- maintains and balances internal environment.
  • Emetic- brings about vomiting (vamankriya) and cleanes upper GI tract
  • Antispasmodic –reduces stiffness and muscles contractions.
  • Expectorant-helps to eliminate excess of mucus and cough out of the body
  • Antipyretic- reduces excessive heat in the body (fever) and balance temperature
  • Local anaesthetic- in case of injury, water (cold or ice application) stops and controls bleeding reduces pain/ congestion and helps in healing of the wound.


Sunrise naturopathy hospital and yoga center is well equipped with modern hydrotherapy treatment such

  • Jacuzzi hydrotherapy
  • Bubble bath hydrotherapy
  • Chilled bath hydrotherapy
  • Hip bath hydrotherapy
  • Arm and foot hydrotherapy
  • Hot and cold compress hydrotherapy
  • Enema
  • Spinal bath/spinal spray hydrotherapy
  • Immersion bath hydrotherapy
  • Gastro-hepatic pack/kidney pack
  • Leg packs/chest packs/t-packs/abdomen packs
  • Wet sheet packs

Physiological Mechanism Involves

  • Vasodilatation and vasoconstriction ( Kellogg,2009).
  • Changes in blood flow and associated metabolic function
  • Thermoregulation

Supportive Studies:

Hydrotherapy showed significantly greater improvement in joint stiffness and in knee range of movement. Hydrotherapy maintained the improvement in emotional and psychological state.

Hip Bath

It is the hydrotherapy treatment in which hip, thighs and up to the navel region is immersed in water. Certain degree of temperature is used based on condition.

It relieves constipation, indigestion, obesity and helps the eliminative organs to function properly. It is also helpful in uterine problem like irregular menstruation, chronic uterine infection, pelvic inflammation, piles, and hepatic congestion.

It should be avoid in fever and weak person.

Spinal Bath

Spinal bath is given in a spinal bath tub, which is designed in such a way that the entire length of the spine gets immersed in water. It relieves irritation, fatigue and hypertension

It is beneficial in almost all nervous disorder such as hysteria, mental disorder, and loss of memory. It also relieves lower back pain. Good for insomnia

Spinal Spray

Spinal spray is a modification of spinal bath where in the spinal bath tub a centre tub is connected which contains ascending jet which will give a gentle massage to the whole spinal column

It is beneficial in nervous weakness, sciatica, lower backache

It has good effect in insomnia.

Immersion Bath

A therapeutic bath in which the person or a given body part is totally immersed in the therapeutic substance. Whole body is immersed inside the water and head must be remaining outside.

This treatment is very good effect in insomnia.

Increases blood circulation all over the body

It is beneficial in painful condition (for best result, adding some Epsom salt in water to get fast relief in painful condition)

It should be avoided in weak patient.


Pressure is forced inside the water during bath in this hydrotherapy treatment.

It helps to increasing therapeutic effect of water.

The pressure of water gives pure water supply to all body parts for relieves from congestion.

Arm / Foot Bath

Foot and arms baths are generally given in combination in a specially devised arm and foot bath tub. These are given separately as arm bath or foot bath or in combination depending upon the reaction sought by the physician.

This treatment is helpful in case of:

  • Headache
  • Sinusitis
  • Asthma
  • Migraine etc.

It should be avoid in very weak person and those who has heart problem.

Sauna Bath

Sauna Bath is a modern evolution of old Turkish bath. It is a specialized bath taken in sauna bath cabin designed to experience dry or wet heat sessions. Here warm air circulated inside the cabin which makes the body hot.


Dry heat results in the blood vessels becoming more flexible and increased blood circulation and helps to eliminate the toxins from the body.

Dry heat may cause suffocation; hence it should be avoided in weak and old people, as well as those suffering from heart disease and pregnant women.

Steam Bath

Steam bath is one of the powerful eliminative modality practiced in naturopathy. It is given in a special room in which the steam is passed through perforated tubes.

Moist heat is passed to all body parts, which stimulates glandular activity, increased blood circulation and opens the skin pores.

It should be avoided in weak and old people, as well as those suffering from heart disease and pregnant women.


Enema is an injection of fluid into the rectum. It is administered using an enema can devised to allow the free flow of water in to the intestine through the rectum. Different types of enema are there like warm enema, neutral enema, cold enema, neem enema etc.