According to acupressure balance at body, mind and soul can be maintained by pressing specific points of sole or palm of body. SU means hand and JOK means leg. According to acupressure sole and palm represent the total body.

Acupressure treatment is done in sole or palm is called SUJOK Acupressure. Similarly as per the reflexology also if the treatment is carried out in palms is called HAND Reflexology and if pressure is applied at soles of feet is called FOOT Reflexology.

More tenderness or tender points indicates that diseases is chronic and less tenderness or less tender points means diseases are within control or represent hidden diseases which has not been reflected out.

Acupressure works on endocrine glands which produce types of required hormones in the body and control not only physical activities but also govern all emotional activities and represents purity of soul and mind.

Thus by stimulating reflex points of glands on sole and palm, soul and mind can be activated, negative thoughts, tensions irritation, fear and bad habits can be changed.