Recreation is the major tool to feel healthy from inside that makes you able to feel real happiness. This is the best way to counter stress and other negative aspects resulting makes you relaxed and rejuvenate with winning smile on face.

Its establishment follows the unique concept under one umbrella as the combination of different facilities consists of beautiful blend of excellent ambiance endowed with meticulously maintained horticulture, lush green lawns amidst plenty of herbal plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers is nature’s answer to relaxation and rejuvenation with zero pollution atmosphere surrounded by three side hills gives you a new dimension of living. It improves immunity with no extra efforts.

Day to day practice as early morning wakeup, walk, good amount of oxygen through sound breathing, yoga & meditation, healthy food intake, rest etc turns you closer to nature and its treasure.

Exploring our culture being the part of village tour, Cultural dances for Rajasthani, Punjabi and Gujarati traditions, RIdes and swings gives you the chance to live your good moments once again, Indoor games, Outdoor games, DJ Music and Discotheque pulls you to feel the thunder of your foot work are the additional activities supports to live you healthy and happy.