Our Profile

Sunrise Naturopathy Hospital and Yoga Center, situated at Village Sar (Bilochi), Delhi - Chandwaji - Ajmer 200 Ft Bypass, Jaipur. Our establishment is fulfilling the theme by having close to nature such as 30 bigha land area with 40000 sq ft constructed area for OPD & IPD patients, surrounded on the footstep of Aravali hills, Zero pollution atmosphere with rich oxygen in clean air, Proper sunlight , Purity of ground water, 5000 flower, fruits and medicinal plants, Massage room with massage table, Steam bath chamber, Sauna bath chamber, Mud bath tub, Jacuzzi, Hot shower bath, Chilled shower bath, Jal neti, chromotherapy, Aroma therapy, Magnetic therapy and tools for supportive therapies as recreation consist of swimming pool with filter plant, Music, Physiotherapy outdoor games, Mind teasing indoor games, Camel cart and Horse Ride, Cultural activities for Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat as well.. We stand on top by having a qualified experienced doctor and trained supporting team of therapists, admin, food serve and housekeeping departments.

Current Scenario

Worldwide all the humans are facing the homicidal attack of COVID-19. We have lost many lives due to the same but on the other hand we have saved much more lives. As a post Covid-19 effect there is an existence of financial and emotional fear, loss of confidence and will power in all humans leading towards the stress resulting in less efficiency of vital organs, money crisis, survival of family members, loss of earnings and many more.. All these reasons made humans soft targets to create health issues. Most developed countries are more affected due to their lifestyle and food habits even though they are more strong in the medical support system. Our country is leading and winning the race in current situations having the sound arrangements for Naturopathy treatments.

Future Prospects

Now onwards all the people around the world understand that Naturopathy and Yoga is the only option that supports the health from inside. It provides a shield of safety by making us strong not only for survival but to enjoy the health and happiness as well.

Yoga is the most prestigious career option as of now. Wide scope of Yoga specialists nourish the field with monetary benefits and respect too.

Why Sunrise

Sunrise Naturopathy Hospital and Yoga Centre, Jaipur carries 20 years of experience in delivering the knowledge in terms of education about Naturopathy and treating the patients as well. We are having Colleges for the branch of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Pharmacy, Engineering and MBA.

We are concerned about the career of our student as we educate our students perfectly starting with Personality development, Communication skill, Exposure to digital world, Health and food, Holistic SPA along with the main course of Yoga and Panchkarma.

Moreover, the practical training process makes our students stronger to get the job to set the goal of life. We are confident to help our students in the same way. Sunrise Hospital is the choice of students to give a shape of their career.

We are confident due to our establishment of Sunrise University running regular lectures in Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Yoga, Pharmacy, Engineering and MBA to maintain the human health, Promoting naturopathy in health seminars and treating patients at our hospital. We are lucky to serve our services to prestigious brands like BHEL, CHGS and PSU's.

Sunrise Naturopathy Hospital and Yoga Center, Jaipur is accredited with NABH certificate for naturopathy hospital in Jaipur. We are the only accredited naturopathy hospital with such standard.

Key Features

Personality development through presentable appearance, Communication in English and computer knowledge, Exposure to Hospitality Industry, Practical knowledge...

Certificate course in Yoga

Certificate course in Yoga