Why Dermatology therapy is best for treating skin?

The human body is made up of 5 ‘tatva’ (elements). These elements are air, soil, water, environment and fire. Skin is the largest organ of a human body also considered as a medium for interaction with our inner self. “A health soul and peaceful mind resides in a healthy body” Among all our organs skin is our impulsive organ as about self-care done by an individual might be possible through skin organ medium only. The very first interaction of any virus or quite an infection can only be attacking us through our skin organ, which means clean and healthier skin means healthier you. Skin is that the first layer of protection that protects us from various diseases and at an equivalent time keeps the temperature of our body cool or warm accordingly. Some of the examples, which give us, a clear indication that our skin is playing the role of messengers of our nervous system:  Small dots on the face can be caused due to digestive issues and could be a reason for dandruff in your hair. Pimple on your face could be an indication of impurities in your blood or sometime due to excessive consumption of too much spice in food. The people whom we can consult about skincare are the experts who have expertise in all kinds of skin-related concerns and issues are known as Dermatologists. The people who face problems regarding their skin, hair, and nails they should consult dermatologists for issues that are substantially more than shallow.  Issues with their skin can hurt patients' feelings of self-esteem, make uneasiness that can make regular exercises troublesome, and, in certain examples, undermine lives. Some basic skin issues which are faced by people are: Acne issues or pimple: This is the most common skinissue; all youngsters’ face this issue throughout age of 16-22 or even after that also.  Due to pollution in the environment and not having proper healthy food the acne problem appears more often. Many brands and cosmetics available in the market but whenever some severer issues occur one should ask the expert before using any product. Nails breakage and changing the color of the nail: Nails play a quite evident role in showing our inner health by changing color or kind of breakage in nails. The breakage of nail indicates health issue which possibly growing in our body at the initial stage or some severe stage. The color of nail says yellow is sometimes an indication of ‘piliya’ (Jaundice), in jaundice the eye color also appears to yellow. So in case, any change in the state of nail happens to you, you should immediately consult an expert for avoiding the severity of any disease which may be growing in your body. Dermatitis and eczema: This is a kind of inflammation that happens in our skin which makes some impact on the skin like rashes and swelling sometimes. On an initial indication of such a problem, one should immediately contact a professional who has good expertise in understanding the skin issue. Shingles, or herpes zoster: The much-known problem known as ‘rashes’ which sometimes very painful. The reason for rashes appear on your body is because of shingles or herpes zoster infection.  At the initial level, people take it lightly by saying ‘these are just rashes, use a good moisturizer’, but applying moisturizer not always help. The condition of this infection could get worse by time, but with proper consultation with the doctor can help in this infection and one can easily get rid of this infection with proper treatment and medications. Fungal Infection: Fungal infection could be related to our hair issue or skin issue or sometimes with nails also. The possible reason for fungal infection could be some kind of yeast. Warts: These are contagious, benign skin growths that appear when a virus has infected the top layer of skin. A dermatologist can use a variety of treatments to remove persistent warts. Skin cancer: This is the most dangerous type of skin issue, which now a days is increasing in the number of cases due to the polluted environment and bad habits of us. As nowadays we spoil our sleep cycle, having plastic packaged fool which is not healthy at all and use of cosmetics and beauty product for sake of being beautiful and fairer. We impose our skin with harmful products because we do not think about the consequence of these products. The surgeries and laser treatments result in types of skin cancer in the human body. One should avoid using the consumption of harmful chemical products and use herbal and organic products as they do don’t harm your body.  And one should immediately consult a dermatologist for immediate medication and treatment so skin cancer can be cured at the time and choosing an expert is quite important. Why to choose Dermatology therapy? Well the very first thing that comes into our mind is that Dermatological therapies are much more effective than most of the therapies which are known to us. Dermatology therapies have most of the solution for any kind of skin problems. Skin regeneration can be done in a small duration with the help of chemical peel which helps in treating acne, damaged skin and other skin related problems with the help of Dermatology therapy. Dermatology therapy has much more of a permanent effect on skin in comparison to other therapies. Along with manual treatment, medicines can also be used as a substitute to heal skin in Dermatology Therapy. Scars, spots, moles and such things can easily be removed in one g with the help of Dermatology therapy. Dermatology therapy can treat small skin issue such as pimple to worrisome issues such as baldness in an effective way and saves a lot of time during the process, It is relatively cheaper and economical than most of the therapies. Dermatology therapies heals skin, body and hair related problems in lesser time and have much more reliability in compared to most of the therapies.