What are the effects of yoga in health?

We can undoubtedly agree on the quote of Amit Ray that, “Yoga is not just repetition of few postures; it is more about the exploration and discovery of the subtle energies of life.” Yoga is more than just a set of exercises performed on a rolling mat. Yoga has been proving to be a vital source of energy and restoring balance in body. Yoga was originated in India but now has become a trend worldwide. Western countries are obsessed with Yoga because of the miraculous healing effect Yoga has on an individual. It is not just about healing body but about healing mind and soul along with body. Yoga helps you in working on your inner self. Yoga and meditation goes hand in hand. By combining both as a daily habit a person can fully transform him/ her completely. This very benefit of Yoga has become the foundation of people’s inclination towards Yoga and Yoga therapies. Yoga therapy has proven to be effective in restoring balance in body and healing it rapidly. Benefits of Yoga: Well there are several benefits of yoga. Some of them are listed below: Muscle Strength: Having arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis and such medical conditions are common as we grow older. But Yoga can definitely help you in getting immune from such disorders. Yoga helps in building up muscle strength and makes body flexible. Flexibility and strength goes hand in hand with Yoga which is not the case when it comes to other forms of exercises.  You can build strength by lifting weights at a gym but not flexibility. Spine: As a person grows older, the risk of slip disk too grows with it. One of the most common causes of slip disk is lack of exercise that builds the spine’s suppleness. Yoga asanas like back bends, forwards bends and such other kinds of asanas in Yoga help in maintaining the suppleness of disks. Blood flow: Yoga helps in increasing the blood flow in the body. Asanas such as handstand, shoulder stand and other such inverted poses in a way increases the blood flow till heart which results into lungs to be oxygenated. Along with it, Yoga is also beneficial in boosting levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells. This helps in thinning of blood which eventually protects you against blood clotting and heart related health issues. Boosts Immunity: Immunity is the essential part of our health which fights against various diseases and virus. So boosting immunity should be the very thing which a person should focus on to live a healthy life. Well, Yoga can help you in that too.  With various types of Yoga poses you can increase the drainage of the lymph which gradually helps in fighting against different types of infections, toxic substance and cancerous cells in a human body. Do you want to boost your immunity?  If yes, then start practicing Yoga now! Stabilizes Blood Pressure and blood sugar levels: Increasing blood pressure and high blood sugar level are considered as one of the commonest medical conditions which are equally faced by youngsters as well as older people. Even the simplest form of Yoga such as Savasana or corpse pose can help in lowering blood pressure in the most natural way. Yoga has been considered as an effective measure to control blood sugar level. A person suffering from diabetes can control their blood sugar levels by doing Yoga on a regular basis. Lifts your mood: Yoga connects you to your inner self and this very fact helps you to understand yourself better. It is common that we feel tiredness or fatigue while doing any form of exercises.  But this is not the case with Yoga as you will feel more energetic and light after performing Yoga asanas. It will uplift your mood. Be more energetic and spiritually lifted with Yoga and meditation! Restores Balance: Maintaining proper balance in body is not an easy task in this busy lifestyle. This is the reason why people fall prey of dysfunctional movement patterns without even realizing about it. By maintaining a proper balance in the body a person can avoid such kind of disorders. Posters like Tree pose can help you maintain that balance in your body. So if you want to restore balance in your body and soul then Yoga is the best way to do it naturally. Better Sleep: Sleepless nights ad feeling tiredness  have become one the most common problem that is increasing in the life of youngsters and older people equally. People are left with no option other than taking sleeping pills in order to sleep even for a few hours. This with the passing of time leads to major health conditions. There are several poses in Yoga that can help you sleep better. Some such asanas are: Yoga Nidra, Savasana, Pranayama and so on. By performing these types of poses regularly a person can relieve his/her tension and make you feel less tired which will help in getting sound sleep. Releases Tension: We work for hours and hours at office and are in a continuous motion of working on Computers, Laptops, and smart phones and so on. By this it is noticed that we feel soreness or tiredness in our limbs and body becomes stiff at the end of the day. By practicing Yoga you can release tension from muscles. You may feel tension in eyes, neck, wrists, shoulders, hands, legs or other parts of your body. But by practicing some relevant Yoga poses on a daily basis you can release tension from your body with ease. There are lots of other benefits of Yoga which will surely motivate you to become a practitioner of Yoga. Once you start practicing Yoga you will find out transformation in your body and soul gradually. Yoga is a journey of discovery your own self and by practicing it daily a person can fully transform himself/herself completely. Start your Yoga journey now and KNOW YOURSELF BETTER WITH YOGA!!